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Camas, WA

Noreen Bowdon  CWAA President 

Association membership 99’s, Southwest WA Pilots Association and Oregon pilots Association 

Airport Communities Grove Field Camas WA , Tillamook Airport OR, Sandy Airport OR, Somerton Airport AR  

Licenses student pilot  


Airplane ownership 1943 V-77 Stinson, 1928 Travel Air, 1982 Wilga  

My interest in aviation started in 2006 when I took a flight in a vintage, round engine gull wing Stnson. I still remember the feeling I had when given the controls and saying to myself  “I can do this”. I started flight lessons the next week in a Luscombe tail dragger. Though life has continued to throw obstacles my way I always made time for learning by taking workshops, attending airshows, reading  aviation magazines and flying with friends. This has kept my dream of becoming  pilot in command all ways present.  


 On this journey I have met so many friends, mentors and instructors who have continued to encourage me to push my limits and believe in myself. Success is 2016. 

Jim Gray

Cama, WA

Jim Gray’s flying started in 1963 as pilot in the United States Air Force. His total military service spans over 30 years which includes active duty and National Guard time. Military aircraft he has flown include the T-37, T-38, KC-135, KC-97, U-8, U-10, C-7, and C-21.


Jim has also had a career in airline flying. His last airline service was as a Captain at American Airlines. Airliners he has flown include the Convair 880, Boeing 707, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, DC-10 and MD-80. At 20,000 flight hours Jim stopped keeping count.


In 1978, Jim earned his Certified Flight Instructor rating. He is now serving as Manager of ATC Camas. He has given over 2,000 hours of flight instruction and has endorsed a number of student pilots to get their Private Pilot licenses. Jim has owned three aircraft and has flown most makes and models of civilian airplanes.

A good day for Jim is when a student makes progress towards getting a pilot’s license.

Ben Huffman

Hockinson, WA

Hi, I'm Ben and I had my first flight in December of 2014 and got my Private pilots cert in August of 2015, doing all my training at Grove Field.  Passing my checkride and getting my wings was one of the best accomplishments of my life and has made the world alot smaller.  Favorite flights for the day or weekend are The Dalles (where i'm from), the coast, and Sun River.  I dread having to drive a car anywhere now.  Ha.  Click on my picture to send me an email if you have any questions about my aviation journey.

Todd and Kallen Gatherer

Camas, WA

Gatherer's moved to Camas in 2010 from the Seattle area, which was a move that brought Kallen back home to where she grew up. Kallen and Todd met in college while they both attended Washing State University in Pullman,WA. Since they've lived in Camas they have given birth to two wonderful boys, Rylan (5 years-old) and Karson (4 months old).


As a child, Todd grew up around available, learning how to fly in his dad's airplanes and using their 1954 Piper Pacer as the family station wagon, flying all over "The Palouse." After tracking down the old family Piper Pacer in Colorado Springs, Todd and Kallen are now the proud owners of Todd's dad's previous Piper Pacer after 10 years of being separated from the Gatherer Family. Todd and Kallen are carrying on the family legacy, as the four of them now fly all over the PNW.


The 1954 Pacer moved to it's new home here at 1W1 during the summer of 2015.  


Vancouver, WA

Hi, I'm Lexi

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