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CWAA Board Members



Noreen Bowdon  CWAA President 

Association membership 99’s, Southwest WA Pilots Association and Oregon pilots Association 

Airport Communities Grove Field Camas WA , Tillamook Airport OR, Sandy Airport OR, Somerton Airport AR  

Licenses student pilot  


Airplane ownership 1943 V-77 Stinson, 1928 Travel Air, 1982 Wilga  

My interest in aviation started in 2006 when I took a flight in a vintage, round engine gull wing Stnson. I still remember the feeling I had when given the controls and saying to myself  “I can do this”. I started flight lessons the next week in a Luscombe tail dragger. Though life has continued to throw obstacles my way I always made time for learning by taking workshops, attending airshows, reading  aviation magazines and flying with friends. This has kept my dream of becoming  pilot in command all ways present.  


 On this journey I have met so many friends, mentors and instructors who have continued to encourage me to push my limits and believe in myself. Success is 2016. 

Terah Brice


Terah moved to a home and hangar located on Grove Field in April of 2016.  She grew up flying with her family of 4 in a 1959 Cessna 172.  Her father, mother, brother, uncle, grandfather and grandmother are all or were private pilots.  Her love of aviation has been fueled since her childhood and the many memories that she has racked up over her lifetime made meeting her husband, Adam, pretty ideal.  Adam has also been involved with aviation throughout his life from participating in the Civil Air Patrol in high school and moving on to become a para-rescueman in the Air Force following his graduation. Adam is also an aviation insurance agent with Falcon Insurance and he covers your membership dues for CWAA if you choose to utilize him for your insurance purposes!

After finding their current home and hangar, they were quick to purchase their first aircraft, a 1958 Cessna 172.  They enjoy family being able to visit and have quickly fallen in love with their new neighborhood and all of the amazing local pilots they have had the privilege of befriending.

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